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4th Annual CLASSY Awards Achievement
June 13, 2012 -

'Organ Transplant Patients Face Daunting Medical Expenses after Transplantation Surgery'
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Welcome to Second Chance at Life -
Benefiting Transplant Patients in Michigan.

Second Chance at Life was founded in 2008 by Shelly Morell, and her mother, lung recipient Carol Mancini. Second Chance at Life is determined to provide financial assistance to transplant patients who are waiting for, receiving, or recovering from a transplant. We aim to fill a need for these services in Michigan, and are supported by a board that includes dedicated individuals working together to improve the quality of life for transplant patients. Second Chance at Life is a 501(c)(3) organization funded by corporations and individuals.  All funds go to support Michigan residents who are transplant candidates, recipients, or living donors.

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Who is Second Chance At Life?     

Did you know that you can now not only show others that you have a big heart, but that you can also help support transplant patients in need of a heart and other vital organs through Second Chance at Life (SCAL) too? Many transplant patients endure quite a financial burden both before and after receiving a transplanted organ. You can help ease some of that burden by donating various gift cards from a gas station, from Walgreen's or CVS, from Meijer's, a Visa gift card, or any other accepted gift card to SCAL. Your donated gift cards can be mailed to:

Second Chance at Life
32591 Judy Drive
Westland, MI 48185

For additional information, contact SCAL President, Shelly Morell, at: today!


Grants to Participating Hospitals:
Since its inception, Second Chance at Life has granted $105,000 to five Michigan participating hospitals' Transplant Emergency Funds and the Eversight Michigan Foundation. The emergency funds were established by the hospitals to assist organ transplant patients with food, lodging, gas, etc. The Eversight Michigan Foundation helps restore vision to patients with financial need.

Grants to Transplant Patients:
During 2016, Second Chance at Life approved grants totaling $20,000.00 to the creditors of individual transplant patients. Since 2008, Second Chance at Life has authorized individual grant requests tallying $185,500.00. By eliminating or reducing financial burdens, transplant patients can focus their energy on living life to the fullest.


Our Motto is to stay Patient Centered and to be Patient Driven

Second Chance at Life provides financial support to transplant patients in Michigan who cannot otherwise afford prescriptions, medical bills, and other necessities during and/or after a transplant. Second Chance at Life also works to increase awareness of the need for individuals to register as organ donors and supports research to improve treatment and care for transplant patients.

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Click the links below for copies of the Federal 501(c)(3) Determination Letter for Tax Exemption, and Form 990 - Short Form Return for the 2015 calendar year.

IRS Determination Letter

Form 990 (2015)